Holden - The Final Chapter - First Edition

  • $499.99

What's Included:

Housed within an impressive presentation box, that includes replica badges synonymous with the car maker's iconic vehicles. Also included within the Collector's Edition is a never before released poster.

- Volume 1 - Uniquely Australian - 313 Pages
- Volume 2 - Uniquely Australian part 2 - 351 Pages
- Volume 3 - The Pride of the Lion - 143 Pages

  • 1 x Presentation Box
  • 1 X Replica Build Plate
  • 1 X Limited Edition Posters
  • 9 X Replica Vehicle Badges

As Holden enters a new era as a Service and Parts provider to the 1.6 Million Holden's still on the road, we celebrate the remarkable history of the Australian icon through The Final Chapter.

A definitive Collector’s Edition chronicle that details the history of Australia’s beloved Holden. Delving into the long history of the marques manufacturing excellence, including its fascinating journey from saddle-maker to automotive icon.

The Final Chapter is a book on an epic scale. With 807 pages, spread across 3 Volumes, featuring images gleaned from deep within the Holden archive. Exploring the classic cars that shaped our nation, the muscle cars that got our hearts beating, the innovation and design processes that Holden became world-renowned for and the contribution made to the country's automotive and motorsport landscape.